Goal $2.2 Million // Three Years

Build This House is a three-year effort to boldly fund the four initiatives to which God has called Church of the Four Corners. We will be utilizing a “one-fund” approach that resources all ministry, because everything we do in ministry matters. The Build This House generosity goal is the projected budget for everything we are currently doing plus what we need to be doing over the next three years.

Build This House is our opportunity to put supernatural faith into action by giving to one fund that will accelerate our current ministries, solidify a permanent home, and fund both a domestic and international church plant. To fund this initiative, our goal is to raise $2.2 million in giving over the next three years. The goal is broken down, and key details given on how we will Build This House for the glory of God! 

$1.2 M

What God has accomplished through COTFC in the first three years is nothing short of a miracle. But we think He’s not done. We are believing together to reach an additional 1,000 people in the next three years of our church. In order to effectively minister to this new wave of families, we need to increase our giving to build our staff and fund additional ministries.


We believe the effectiveness of our ministry will be greatly impacted by relocating into a permanent home. A building allows us to drive a stake into the ground of our community. It will also greatly increase the quality of ministry we are able to offer our kids, students and groups. Additionally, we are excited about opportunities to leverage our building for the benefit of our community.


Since the inception of our church, we have believed that Kansas City will be transformed through an exponential movement of church plants and radical generosity. We believe God is calling us to reproduce and plant another autonomous church or campus in the next three years. We will also continue pouring resources into our city and strengthen like-minded organizations making a positive difference.


God has given our church a burden for the people of the impoverished nation of Moldova. We have already begun the work of planting our first church with great success. Through the Build This House initiative, we will complete and fully fund our first church plant in Cania and begin work on a second.

3 Ways To Respond


This vision is God’s vision and we know that without Him we will never be able to accomplish something so big. Over the next three years, we’re going to pray. We’re going to ask God to stay with us from the beginning to the end as we step out in faith and believe that He would help reach the Greater Kansas City area and the world!


It’s one thing to pray – it’s something else entirely to pray with BIG faith believing that the same God who created the universe longs to move on our behalf! Throughout this initiative, we refuse to live with offensively small faith. We choose to actually believe the words of Paul in Ephesians 3:20 where he writes that God is able to do more than we could ask or imagine according to His power at work within us.


Take a few moments and locate where you are on the giving pathway. Consider taking the next step to increase your impact. Whether you’re brand new or have been giving to COTFC for a long time, we’re asking you to prayerfully consider taking the next step forward.

Commitment Card

My Three-Year Commitment

Prayer is an important part in making your commitment. Seek what you think you can do, and then confirm what the Holy Spirit is asking you to do.


What are you asking me to do?

Everyone who calls Church of the Four Corners home is being asked to make a three-year commitment. We serve a great God and trust Him to exceed our greatest expectations - to do more than we could ever hope or imagine through our collective Build This House commitments.

What if I can’t afford to give right now?

Even in times of scarcity, God wants our hearts. The widow who gave her last coin did not make a very large financial contribution, but Jesus said that she gave the largest gift of all. Build This House is about all of us coming together, giving generously, and trusting God to do the rest.

What if I’m in debt right now? Am I still supposed to give?

It’s important for generosity to be a part of our life at every point. If you are in the process of paying off debt, we commend you, and you should continue to do so. But the Bible does not teach that we withhold giving until we are debt-free. When we honor God  first with our giving, He promises to be involved with every other aspect of our finances. If you are in need of assistance to become debt-free, consider attending one of our “I Was Broke Now I’m Not” small groups.

What if I’m a college student?

God has blessed Church of the Four Corners by allowing us to invest in the lives of college students. Although college students are notorious for living on tight budgets, the college years are an ideal time to develop a Kingdom-focused plan in the areas of personal budgeting and generous giving.

What if I’m new or have never given to COTFC before?

If you have never given financially to Church of the Four Corners, Build This House is for you! This is a “one-fund” generosity initiative. It is different from a traditional capital campaign where you are asked to give an extra gift “above and beyond” your regular giving. Rather, Build This House recognizes that everyone in the church is called to give generously and sacrificially. This initiative is not merely for “super-givers”; it is for all of us.

Why do churches talk about money, finances, and giving so much?

Churches talk about money a lot because the Bible talks about money a lot. Jesus himself made money – particularly our desire for it and our use of it – a major piece of our following Him as His disciples. For many, our affluence and desire for wealth stand in the way of the kind of selfless and sacrificial life Jesus calls us to, and the desire for money easily becomes an obstacle to seeking our eternal satisfaction in God.

How long will my commitment be to Build This House?

We are asking for financial commitments to the Build This House initiative – including both general giving and what we need to fully pursue our vision – for a three-year period beginning in April 2017. Our commitment Sunday will be March 19, 2017, and we will all begin giving toward those commitments on April 9, 2017.

What forms of contributions will be accepted?

Contributions can be made via cash, check, and online transactions. Additional forms of contribution can include the transference of title to marketable stocks, bonds, real estate, ETFs, etc. Let us know if you are interested in contributing in one of these additional ways.

Can I update my commitment after commitment Sunday if my circumstances change?

Yes. You may update your commitment pledge at any time.

Do I have to be an owner or regular attender at COTFC to participate?

No. Anyone is welcome to give to the Build This House initiative and share in what God is doing here at COTFC!

Is my commitment confidential?

Yes. Only our small financial team has knowledge of pledges and giving records.